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About Significant Dinosaur Discoveries of 2016

Updated on July 3, 2018

Christian Honore


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How Iguanodon nous weave survived fossilisation. | Seed

Though overshadowed by Syria, Brexit, the Olympics, and the U.S. presidential election,

2016 was another fruitful twelvemonth for newsworthiness stories around fossilology and ones almost dinosaurs particularly. Scientists observed not alone new species, but besides unobserved aspects almost these creatures as a hale — from countershading Psittacosaur scales (supra) to ossified Iguanodon brains (remaining).

Compared to these developments, the new dinosaurs of 2016 may look inconsequent or insipid. None were as overtly game as Yi qi, the bantam, leathery-winged “dino-bat” proclaimed close yr; nor were any as enceinte as 2014’s Dreadnoughtus, the nigh ended super-sized dinosaur to appointment. Setting matters, nevertheless, and this class’s quadruplet well-nigh significant dinosaurs bridged around gap in our agreement of these creatures’ evolutionary chronicle.



(Brazil, 230 trillion BCE)

Until 2016, every unity known zoophagous dinosaur belonged to a vast aggroup called the theropods. At outset glint, the newly-discovered Buriolestes (“Buriol’s robber”, astern the local landowning class) has all the trademarks of these predators: It walked on two foresightful legs, had a lip total of crisp, toothed dentition, and was likely furnished with expectant manpower close in hook-like claws.

Protruding Buriolestes flesh by Cabreira et al. | Rootage

Buriolestes mob search rhynchosaurs. | Rootage

Yet based on various insidious features (including the jolly down-turned tip of the submaxilla), this dinosaur’s discoverers classified it as one of the earlier sauropodomorphs — a appendage of the like grouping as Brontosaur , Brachiosaurus , and infinite former long-necked, multi-ton grazers. Buriolestes demonstrates that yearn ahead they became the largest herbivores (and animals) e’er to paseo the satellite, leastwise around of these dinosaurs were diminished, quick carnivores. As the Triassic Menstruum (252-201 meg BCE) progressed, these dinosaurs would outgrow and survive contender reptiles care the dicynodonts and rauisuchians, desertion bod for foliation in the outgrowth.


(Alabama, 85-83 meg BCE)

Ascertained in New T-shirt in 1838, Hadrosaur is the get-go dinosaur known from real corpse, also as the namesake of the duckbill, phytophilous hadrosaurs. As Americans stirred westerly, nonetheless, so too did the focusing of American fossilology. Nowadays, all of the best-known American dinosaurs are from Montana, Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado. Hadrosaurs were among the nearly successful dinosaurs all meter, but eventide they are known largely from the Bumpy Lot realm and Chinaware, and near lived during the last ten billion age of the Cretaceous Catamenia (76-66 billion BCE).

Eotrachodon skull and plot. | Root

Saurolophine (A-M) and lambeosaurine (N-X) skulls, by Danny Cicchetti. | Origin

This history of find came full-of-the-moon r-2 in 2016 with the unveiling of Eotrachodon (“dawn rasping tooth” or “early Trachodont ” — an allusion to a cast-off hadrosaurus genus named in 1856). The new dinosaur was base approximate Montgomery, Alabama, and predates former former hadrosaurs by most phoebe meg age. Likewise, different Hadrosaur , this new dinosaur is known from a nail skull. Piece all of these herbivores ploughshare the like oecumenical soundbox design, the cast of their skulls varies wildly crossways dissimilar species and plays a brobdingnagian use in deciding their relationships with one another. Well-nigh broad-billed hadrosaurs with no hole caput crests belong a arm called saurolophines, spell those with narrower bills and spectacular brain crests belong the lambeosaurines (see opponent simulacrum).

This new dinosaur, nevertheless, doesn’t look to belong either sub-family. Prof Greg Erickson, one of the kickoff paleontologists to cogitation Eotrachodon , believes that hadrosaurs originated in the easterly Northward America, which during the Cretaceous was disjointed from the westerly one-half by a contract sea. By the end of the menses, these herbivores were the almost successful dinosaurs on World, ranging from Utah to Spain and from Alaska to Antarctica.

Eotrachodon crowd, by James Kuether. | Rootage

Timurlengia (Uzbekistan, 90 trillion BCE)

Because of their renown and minute casualness, T. rex and its kin regularly get more crush reporting p.a. than any otc dinosaur grouping.

Known stiff and protruding chassis of Timurlengia by Todd Marshal. | Germ

In 2016, that hum was justified: In the eye of Borderland, paleontologists proclaimed not but the breakthrough of a significant T. rex from Montana, but likewise a identical dissimilar kinda tyrannosaurus from Uzbekistan. Though nearly mass experience them as stupendous top predators, these theropods began as pocket-sized, lower-tier carnivores during the mid-Jurassic Menstruum (some 165 jillion BCE) and near remained that way end-to-end the Tardy Jurassic and Former Cretaceous. Comparable hadrosaurs, the largest and virtually celebrated tyrannosaurs didn’t acquire until the close ten gazillion geezerhood of the Cretaceous. Dating from the mid-Cretaceous (approximately 90 trillion BCE), Timurlengia helps nosepiece the gap betwixt other and tardy tyrannosaurs.

This dinosaur is presently known from respective reprint specimens, none of which are tied close over. Still, scientists observed decent cadaver to extrapolate its chassis and life-style. In animation, this piranha was around the distance and burthen of a forward-looking tiger. Different the boneheaded, banana-sized dentition of T. rex , those of Timurlengia were reduce and knife-like — better-suited for denudation frame than for quelling ivory. Alike originally tyrannosaurs, it likely had deuce-ace fingers on apiece manus alternatively of two.

Timurlengia forbidding pterosaurs, as pictured by Todd Marshal. | Origin

The nigh crucial parting of Timurlengia to exist fossilisation, nevertheless, is a overtone brainpower vitrine: CT scans revealed that this marauder had a more advanced nous and bigger labyrinth castanets than its predecessors. Based on this find, paleontologists Hans-Dieter Sues and Stephen Brusatte (see television supra) hypothesise that afterwards tyrannosaurs owe their sizing and achiever to the expanding psyche and sharpening senses of Timurlengia and otc mid-Cretaceous ancestors. Handily decent, these predators emerged round the like clip that bigger zoophagous dinosaurs care the carcharodontosaurs and spinosaurs went nonextant.

Timurlengia ‘s figure honors Timur (oft anglicized as “Tamerlane”), the Fourteenth c Cardinal Asian vanquisher whose imperium spanned from easterly Dud to the Himalayas. By the end of the Cretaceous, the tyrannosaurs ruled a often bigger field, extending from Mongolia to Texas i.e. farther.


(Chinaware, 72-66 zillion BCE)

Tongtianlong aboard a fogy curator. | Reference

Animals occasionally die or suffer their cadaver observed in over-the-top fortune, but seldom both: In bodoni southeasterly Chinaware, a bird-like theropod became entrapped and died in mud or quicksand. Roughly 70 billion eld afterward, twist workers exposed this dinosaur patch exploitation dynamite to lay the foundations for a new highschool. Though the explosives ruined function of its quarter and limbs, the specimen was calm amazingly integral, with its munition lull outstretched and its ended skull and cervix brocaded scarce supra the rock’n’roll open. This ill-starred puppet — finally named Tongtianlong (“route to eden firedrake”) — exhausted its terminal moments stressful to unblock itself from the goop.

Involved Tongtianlong as portrayed by Zhao Chuang. | Germ

Tongtianlong belonged to the oviraptorosaurs, a phratry noted for their toothless, parrot-like beaks, pinched brain crests, and sheer feathers (including foresighted “tail-fans” and “wings” for presentation). They were far-flung end-to-end Asia and Northwards America by the Former Cretaceous and ranged from chicken- to giraffe-sized animals. Tongtianlong , in fact, is the one-sixth oviraptorosaur known from the Nanxiong Constitution unique, imposing from early species by an outstandingly across-the-board and dome-like top. Patch around experts think that dinosaurs were already in downslope at the end of the Cretaceous, the slue ambit and multifariousness of these animals suggests that roughly groups were stillness thriving good earlier they went out.

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Honourable MENTIONS

Known stiff and jutting flesh of Gualicho, by Jorge A. Gonzalez. | Seed

Dracoraptor- Rude theropod from Wales dating to the rattling root of the Jurassic.

Fukuivenator- Creatively-named, omnivorous theropod from Former Cretaceous Japan that lived aboard Fukuisaurus , Fukuiraptor , and Fukuititan .

Gualicho- Light-weight, carnivorous theropod from mid-Cretaceous Argentina with myopic, tyrannosaur-like munition disdain organism more tight related Allosaur and Giganotosaurus .

Machairoceratops- Great ceratopsian from Previous Cretaceous Utah. One of the strangest of its sort yet ascertained, it had two pairs of horns, the thirster of which hang forward-moving from the top of its gimcrack.

Savannasaurus- Titanosaurian from mid-Cretaceous Australia with brachiosaur-like proportions (i.e. a longer-than-usual cervix, a shorter-than-usual stern, and thirster bow limbs than hinder limbs).

Wiehenvenator- Enceinte megalosaurus approximately 30 feet yearn from mid-Jurassic Germany. Nicknamed “the behemoth of Minden” subsequently a nearby township.

Machairoceratops as portrayed by Grade Witton. | Reference

Alcovasaurus, by Kenneth Carpenter. | Reference


Alcovasaurus- Stegosaurus from Belatedly Jurassic Wyoming, once known as “Stegosaur longispinus”. Alcovasaurus had a shorter empennage but thirster spines than its illustrious relation.

Forminacephale- Pachycephalosaurus with a deep alveolate skull from Recent Cretaceous Alberta, primitively dubbed “Stegaceras brevis”.

Meroktenos- Sauropod ascendant from Belated Triassic Lesotho. Antecedently known as “Melanorosaurus thabanensis”.


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